Hello and Welcome to Handy Housewife!

My name is Kimberly Baptiste and I would like to share the story of how I became the “Handy Housewife”.

Growing up I always imagined myself as a politician or a business owner. As I progressed through my education, I gravitated towards Engineering. After a degree in Civil Engineering and 3 Masters, I still felt I was not doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I was the Head of the Technical Department at a Government organization with 10 years’ experience as an Engineer and was feeling stagnant, unmotivated, and grumpy most days.

At the beginning of 2020, I started the year “hot and sweaty”, planning big life changes, my 1st step was to clean and organize my tiny one bedroom apartment, I went down a rabbit hole hunting for organizing solutions and that was the beginning of my new found passion. Within a few months my closet, refrigerator and pantry was perfectly organized, coming home to a space that was tidy and functional sparked joy and I was able to be more productive with my goals.

A year later I bought my 1st home, I was excited about all the fun organizing I would be doing, but organizers were expensive and there were limited options locally. There was no way my tight budget could afford me the luxury of a well-designed and organized, Pinterest looking kitchen.

The research began and my obsession grew with organizing and home décor, I soon realize this is what makes me happy, this is what I’m supposed to be doing! I took the little saving I had, which was meant to buy my furniture and invested it into Handy Housewife. My goal was to provide curated home goods, that promotes; beautiful, organized and functional spaces, at a price point that’s affordable to the average working class Trini, at that point profits and performance was not much of my thought process, I just wanted everyone to love organizing as much as I did and be able to afford that experience.

For the next year, I worked an average of 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, between my career and growing Handy Housewife, I loved every minute of it and it became the most rewarding and fulling experience of my life. During that time I convinced Keishaun my life partner to also be my business partner to accelerate the growth of our business.

At the end of 2021, I had to make a difficult decision, we were expecting our daughter Keira in January 2022, there was no way I could manage being a new parent and continue working 16 hours a day. Something had to give! The more I thought about how much I love Handy Housewife the easier the decision to leave a career in engineering came.

Wherever life may take us, I will forever be grateful to Handy Housewife, the community we built on Instagram and the support of my customers “the handy organizers”, they have made possible the opportunity to have what I think is one of the biggest luxuries in life, being the primary caregiver and being at home with my daughter, for that I thank you!

It is for that reason I will always strive to provide the best customer service, high quality & affordable products and a premium online shopping experience!